Why Ground 2 Table?

Because you want to know what goes into your food.

We believe that you should have complete control over what goes into your food. That’s why we provide organic, blended spices that are salt-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO.

Because if you eat food with more flavor, you’ll eat better.

You’ve heard over and over again that people have a tendency to overeat when food doesn’t have enough flavor. Well, we think we know why – and it isn’t your fault. Spices begin to lose flavor the moment you first open the container. By providing you with individual packs, you only use what you need, and you get the maximum freshness out of each bite. The result? You can prepare a much healthier meal, and you will only be tempted to eat what your body needs. Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce processed foods from your diet, or you’re looking for new ways to spice up the healthy options you already enjoy, throw a few Ground 2 Table packs in your pocket and you’re all set.

Because we believe it should be easy to incorporate organic foods into your lifestyle – and budget.

Unfortunately, “organic” often equates to “expensive” in the minds of many. Ground 2 Table changes this. We make it easy for you to purchase modest quantities of high quality ingredients for your food preparation. Our Ground 2 Table spice blends are packaged to fit into your purse or gym bag, so you can create gourmet flavor without gourmet prices.


Our Story

How It Began

The first thing we should probably tell you is that we don’t do Ground 2 Table because we have to – we do it because we love to.

Once upon a time, Ground 2 Table’s co-founder Jay Fishman was traveling and realized that all around the world, in nearly every other culture, people purchase just the spices they need to prepare the next few meals. Why do they do this? To ensure that every meal they eat is fresh. The result is the healthy, distinctly flavorful meals that we all envy when we travel (not to mention those spice markets!)

If there’s one thing we love more than a good meal, it’s a good challenge.

Today, Ground 2 Table brings powerful flavor in smaller doses to the kitchens of experienced chefs and novices alike. Created by father-son duo Jay and Paul Fishman, Ground 2 Table pays attention to the most important details of what you feed yourself and your family. Our unique spice blends are healthy (organic), fresh (single use for maximum flavor), and easy to incorporate into everything you eat. Unleash a spice blend on anything from a simple salad or potato to your favorite steak or fish to understand what we mean.

Now we spend our days making it easier for people to access the organic, exciting flavors they want – even when they’re on the go. And every Ground 2 Table spice blend you support will help us meet our community goals (learn about our causes below).

If you pay close attention, you may actually be able to taste the joy and energy of our mission in every packet we ship.

The Buy Small | Use It All Revolution™

Why Ground 2 Table?

Ground 2 Table is dedicated to providing consumers with an innovative way to enjoy things they have always been forced to buy in bulk (which compromises freshness!). Where there have traditionally been few options, we bring the creative solution: single servings.

With our flagship spice blend collection, we are committed to helping our customers enjoy better flavor and convenient cooking options, all while reducing wasteful purchases.

If you want to understand the Buy Small | Use It All™ revolution, do one simple thing: open your cupboard and look at your spices. Can you remember what year you bought some of those? Wipe the dust off and look again. They’re not only unattractive, they may actually be bad for you.

The Buy Small | Use It All™ revolution is about empowering consumers to control how much they purchase, so they only have to buy what will serve them. Why do we offer single packs when we could sell tubs of the stuff? Because we want you to be able to closely control what goes into your food and how fresh it is. Our single-serving approach also enables growers to gauge actual demand, avoiding overproduction and undue waste.